New Luggage for New Travel Destinations

When my husband and I got married we were knee deep in the madness of building our home, so we decided to save money and do a 3 day honeymoon to Gatlinburg instead of the more exotic honeymoon that we really wanted.

While that was ok…it was not really our favorite kind of vacay, we ended up even leaving a day early!

We have went on several fun family vacations since then, usually somewhere along North Carolina’s Outer Banks (we love it there!).

James loves the new luggage too!

We have already booked a rental for our Outer Banks vacation this year for the family, but the hubby and I have decided that this is our year for our big honeymoon trip! Horrray!!!

The first thing we did when we decided this was buy new luggage, of course!! Haha!

We bought these gorgeous 2-piece Samsonite ProStrength sets from Sam’s Club right after the new year and I just LOVE the way they look!

The light blue set, “Blue Ocean”, is mine and I just think they are gorgeous! Also, if you have luggage that’s color is called Blue Ocean, you are just destined to travel to beautiful places, am I right?

My husband’s set is called “Navy”, not as cool of a name, but still a great shade and looks amazing.

These Samsonite ProStrength 2-Piece sets were extremely budget friendly, being priced at only $159.98. The set comes with a medium journey spinner and a spinner carry-on that both are easy to handle and lightweight.

Get us away from this snow!!!

Not only do they look sleek, but they are durable with a polycarbonate shell and the grips are super comfortable with gel-infused handles.

The medium spinner even comes with a recessed TSA combination lock, which I love because it makes me feel more secure about traveling with my belongings.

There are also super handy dividers on the inside that make organizing your packing that much easier.

One of my favorite things about these luggage sets is how easy it is to manipulate. The wheels have 360 easy pivot mobility, which was a must for us, and with them being so light, there is no struggling with these suitcases!

We cannot wait to try these out! We have been thinking of planning a weekend trip to try them out, but we are so busy planning our Europe trip that we haven’t got around to it, because Europe trips are kind of hard to plan!

Have you been on any exciting trips lately? Any suggestions?

Happy traveling y’all!

*This is a personal honest review and not sponsored by Samsonite*


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