DIY: Affordable Bath Bombs

Such a fun DIY gift idea!

My daughter recently received a box of bath bombs for her birthday and was kind enough to share one with her 4 year old brother, he instantly begged for another, of course! He fell in love with the fizz and color change in his bath water.

As Christmas was approaching, I went on the search to buy my son bath bombs for his stocking, and was shocked at how expensive they are! They varied from $3 to $9 a piece!

So of course, the first thing I thought of was to try to make my own bath bombs at home to save money.

It didn’t take long for me to come up with a recipe that worked well, thanks to pinterest and google! Not only was it SUPER easy to make, I make them small enough for my son to use multiple in one bathtime.

This recipe makes the skin SOO soft and has a really great fizz to it, because of course that’s what really matters to a 4 year old, haha!

The first time I tried making bath bombs I had all the ingredients that I needed already at home, the second time I tried, I made some tweaks and had to go to Kroger and Meijer to find everything.

If the thought is a little daunting to you, don’t be afraid to try this, not only is it super easy, it is a fun activity to do with your kids! My son loved creating his own bath bombs. He even got out some of his playdough molds to make different shapes and LOVED taking a bath with a waffle shaped bath bomb that he had made himself!

Every batch of bath bombs makes about 12-15 smaller sized and around 8-10 larger, and costs around $9 to make, a HUGE savings compared to store bought!

To make homemade bath bombs you will need:

A silicone or plastic mold (silicone is so much easier to get the bath bomb out but the plastic or metal molds create tighter bath bombs)

8 ounces(1 cup) Baking Soda

4 ounces(1/2 cup) Citric Acid (Usually found in the canning aisle, but if you want to make more than one batch of bath bombs, it’s a better deal to buy online.)

4 ounces(1/2 cup) Epsom Salt (you can use sea salt, but out of the two, epsom salt had a better fizz in my opinion)

4 ounces(1/2 cup) Cornstarch

2 TBSP Coconut Oil (melted)

4-5 TSP water, start with 3 but it sometimes takes a little more

20-30 drops Essential Oil (OPTIONAL-use a TSP less water if adding essential oils. I didn’t add any because it seemed wasteful, as my son just likes the fizz part anyway)

Food Coloring (Optional-add to color preference)

Bath Bomb Instructions:

Grease mold with coconut oil and set aside.

Measure out and combine baking soda, citric acid, salt, and cornstarch into a large mixing bowl until well mixed.

In a small bowl, combine melted coconut oil, and water, as well as food coloring and essential oils if using.

Add the liquid ingredients to the dry ingredients a few drops at a time while stirring, you DON”T want to make the dry ingredients fizz, which happens if you add the liquid too quickly, the slower the better.

Once liquid is combined with the dry ingredients mix well and quickly with your hands until mixture stays together when squeezed. If mixture is still crumbling, add a little more water.

Place immediately into molds. Leave in molds 24 hours to completely dry.

Once dry, store in baggie or airtight container.



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