What I’m doing to get healthier and more beautiful hair

Coarse, dry, pouffy, frizzy, BIG- those are words that I have heard about my hair my entire life.

Not only did these words come from my hairdressers, but also family and friends (OUCH!).

I have always dreamed of having different hair because, to be honest, my hair has always been a bit of a mess and I just couldn’t make it look like what I wanted.

I so so envied my best friend’s gorgeous beautiful and smooth blonde hair that seemed so effortless to fix and always looked fantastic, aaaand was very literally the exact opposite of what I had.

I have tried everything under the sun to change my hair over the years. I even tried going blonde before (why hello orange hair!), and boy was that a disaster!!


OMG y’all!!! So cringe-worthy, I can’t even!! I mean, ORANGE!!!

For years and years, I straightened, curled, colored, cut it short, grew it out, and eventually, resorted to the messy bun, basically every. Single. Day.

Sometimes, if I felt like putting in extra effort, I’d get all fancy and BRAID it! (Gasp!)

After years of not really trying, I decided that it was time for a change. I turned 30 and decided I wanted to be healthier, not just in what I eat and how much I exercise, but in my skincare and my hair.

I was determined to have healthier and prettier hair.

So I did a lot of research, read reviews, tried lots of different products, and found that healthy hair starts in the shower.

I found the absolute BEST shampoo and conditioner! I honestly didn’t think that there was a big differences among shampoos, but I was wrong!

After using GLISS Ultimate Hair Repair shampoo and conditioner, my hair was transformed!

It was so much smoother and softer. My hair will always be thick(and frankly, I’m embracing that now), but it didn’t feel coarse or dry like before. It was less frizzy and the giant pouf was replaced by thick smooth hair, it’s a miracle!!!

I also LOVE their Ultimate Repair Anti-damage mask, it makes my hair amazingly soft and smooth!

The best part about these amazing hair products… They are sold at Walgreens and Meijer for under $6!!!!

I have to say, I’ve tried $30 bottles of shampoo before, and I think these under $6 GLISS hair repair products are BETTER!!!

(Also, if you are wondering, I am in no way sponsored by GLISS or any other products I’m mentioning, these are my super honest, unbiased, tested and approved opinions😘)

Ok, so after I found these amazing shampoo and conditioners, the next step was to start using heat protection.

Y’all, I never used any type of heat protectors on my hair before, how awful is that?? NO WONDER my hair was a fried mess!

I started using Aveda damage remedy for daily hair repair and Redken Outshine anti-frizz polishing milk. They help protect my hair from heat damage and help my curls stay in place for days. Just a little bit of each goes a long way and makes the product last way longer, since these are a little more on the pricey side.

After applying my heat protection, I use my t3 hair dryer. One of the ways this helps my hair is that it cuts the drying time down a TON! It takes well under 10 minutes, whereas before it took over 30! (I give way more details on this hair dryer in another post here.)

Next I curl my hair with a wand and I literally can go the rest of the week with just a few touch ups with my wand and some dry shampoo, which helps my hair not to have to use so many heat products multiple times a week.

So far, I would go so far as to say that my hair is unrecognizable compared to even a few months ago before I started this routine.

The t3 is a pretty pricey(but worth it) investment, but the GLISS shampoo and conditioner are super affordable and well worth giving a try!

Hope y’all love it as much as me!

Have a great hair day!! 💕💕


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