Wearing Cheetah Print in Spring

Who would have thought that cheetah print could transition into spring??? Not me! When I thought of cheetah print, or any other animal print really, I thought of it as a fall/winter pattern. I was totally proven WRONG!!

When I saw this dress on Nordstrom’s website, I just HAD to have it, it was love at first sight! Haha!

This gorgeous and fun wrap dress by All in Favor retails just under $50 and comes in multiple prints, but this pink cheetah print is by far my FAVORITE! (I love pink, I love cheetah print, win-win!!)

All the details to this dress make me feel so girly and ready for spring! While the dress itself is lined, the sleeves are not and they feel light and breezy. The ruffles at the bottom are SO fun and the tie wrap makes it adjustable and flattering to everyone.

NOW we just need Spring to ARRIVE ALREADY!! 🀣🀣🌷🌷🌞🌞


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