About Me

Hi y’all, welcome to my blog! My name is Bridget and I am a married mom of two wonderful kids and a full-time student who loves to shop, travel, and drink wine.

I have one daughter and one son who are 8 years, to the day, apart.
My husband and I met one week after he moved from North Carolina to Louisville, Kentucky for a job, at a bike race that I was competing in. I won the race and he came over and asked for my phone number and we have been together every since and have had quite a journey so far!
A little back story about me, I worked in the dental field for years before I decided that I would like a change, as well as to finally earn my bachelors degree(before I had went to a technical school for certification).
So here I am, early 30’s and back to school! It is not always easy, but I am excited to be first generation in my family to get a college degree. I am really excited to show my children that I do believe in the importance of an higher education, so much so, that I am going back to it to prove so.
I started a blog to not only chronicle some of our family life to look back on, but to give myself an outlet for me besides family time and school work and to show how one can still max out life even on a budget.
I hope to share my great deals I find shopping, traveling, decorating, and everything else!
Thanks for checking out my blog!😘

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